We specializes in Web Development with WordPress CMS, API integration, data migration, mobile development, project management, end-to-end consulting and Now Product Prototyping (Learn More).

Mobile App Development

For the past decade we have been creating high performance, feature-packed mobile applications for all major platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. As an expert in mobile application development, NetSwagger can create the right app that will meet all your business and industry needs

Web & WordPress Development

User friendly and flexibility are the hallmarks of a WordPress site. Blogs, e-commerce, social media extensions and other extensions make it highly versatile and able to rise up to any role. Our seasoned WordPress development brings everything WordPress has to offer to the table for your project and customize it to your needs to help you easily manage the site with no help from a specialist.

Product Prototyping

We offer product prototyping service from design to production. We can design your product with millimeter precision and produce a working prototype all don in house to minimize exposure of your intellectual property.


Unreliability – never.

Perhaps you have experienced the disappointment of working with a freelancer? We’ve removed this unreliability by making use of technology, project management, collaboration and communication tool. All at our cost!

Deliverables – not just hours.

For us, billing hours isn’t’ smart – we completely realize why SMEs and startups hate working on just hours. We guarantee our deliverables and that means you know where your hard earned money is being put in.

Masters – not just anyone.

We realize how important it is for our clients to succeed. Their success is our success. We specialize the task we do rather than hand off our jobs to outsiders.

About Us

NetSwagger was created in 2007 by the Founder and CTO Benjamin Bond. The game plan was to create a better quality of life for his growing family while providing top quality service for his clients. Back then NetSwagger was just a single freelancer (Ben) with an LLC. In 2017 Ben met Sikander Ali through a mutual client and decided it would be a great idea to expand the footprint of NetSwagger globally. With the new partnership 2019 NetSwagger now has two headquarters, one based in the US and another based offshore that is managed by Sikander. This new arrangement allows NetSwagger to offer clients high quality work with a quicker turnaround with a larger development team.



We realize technology moves at lightning speed. That’s why our company is always enthusiastic about frequently increasing our services to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.


We adopted the agile development practices to leverage collaboration tools to deliver better results. It also helps us deliver faster-developed and better-quality applications. The Agile development process helps our customers through continuous and early delivery of design, software and solutions.

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